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We know Belgium very well from shortcuts, roads to avoid and having the right papers at the right time to ensure a seamless journey.
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Brexit Removals don't just safely move your possessions, now that the UK has left the European Union we take care of all the documentation needed to make your move between the UK and Belgium/Belgium and UK, as smooth as possible.

We offer a full range of services to facilitate your move to Belgium including full house removals to Belgium, cars, motorcyles or any other prize possessions. As we are committed to making your move to Belgium as stress and hassle-free as possible, we also offer a range of services to make your move more efficient.

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    We don't just want to know where you want to move from or to where, but to obtain all the correct paperwork for your move we need to know a little bit about what your items will include.

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    No nasty surprises. Everything will be included in the price. Collection, packing your items securely, transport to your new country and all the customs paperwork included.

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    Moving to Belgium after Brexit

    Are you planning to move to Belgium after Brexit? We have outlined some helpful information for you to plan your upcoming move.

    Removals Company to & from Belgium

    Our removals company can assist you in collecting, moving and delivering all your personal belongings from the UK to Belgium, or vice-versa.

    Here is what you can expect from Brexit Removals:

    Expert Removals: our professional team has more than 20 years of experience in cross-border removals. We’ll ensure your belongings get from point A to point B safely and securely. You won’t have to lift a finger!

    Documentation: knowing what documents to prepare can be overwhelming with all of the confusion surrounding Brexit. Our removals service includes the preparation of all documentation in regards to customs importing. Let our team take care of it and scratch one additional item off your to-do list!

    Transport: we will provide the necessary vehicles to transport your belongings from door to door. You won’t need to worry about hiring a lorry or a van in your country of origin or your destination country. Depending on the amount of items being moved, we will provide the ideal number of vehicles. Expect timely deliveries as well, we pride ourselves on our reputation for accurate delivery times.

    Packing Services & Materials: we can provide additional boxes and wrapping material to pack your items, or if you prefer, we’ll take care of the entire packing process as well. Our team knows how to pack your belongings safely for long distance transit.


    Required Documents

    If you are a UK citizen, you will need to apply for a Visa. If you are moving to Belgium for work, you will also need a work permit.

    EU citizens simply need to bring their passport and won’t require a Visa application. The process is quite straightforward for EU citizens.


    Removals to Belgium checklist

    Before moving to Belgium, use this handy checklist to make sure you have done your research and nothing is missed:

    • Preparing all necessary documents:
    1. Passport
    2. Birth Certificate
    3. Marriage Certificate
    4. Medical Documentation (including dental and immunizations)
    5. University Degree(s) and qualification(s)
    6. Police Background Check
    7. Visa
    8. Other documents (check the Embassy to Belgium website for more information)

    • Healthcare system: look into healthcare. Similar to the UK and other parts of Europe, healthcare in Belgium is publicly funded. To have access to it you need to be filing taxes in Belgium. You will receive a healthcare card to use each time you visit the doctor, hospital, or require other healthcare services.

    • Residence Registration: within 8 days of your arrival to Belgium, you need to register your residency at the local town hall. If you are moving to Belgium from Europe, you have 3 months to complete it. This is a standard procedure once moving to a new country, which will also help you in opening a bank account and accessing many other services.

    • Job Opportunities: if you are moving to Belgium, you might also need to consider job opportunities. Depending on what your profession is, you might find many interesting positions available. Language is not a barrier for some of the jobs available. Belgium has a high percentage of individuals speaking and working in English.

    • Language: Belgium has several widely spoken languages: French and Flemish are primary languages, while many also speak German and English. Although you can likely get around in the major cities using English, it’s generally a good idea to learn some basics in the local language. It will make life a bit easier at times.

    • Rental Prices: the major cities in Belgium can be quite expensive in terms of rental pricing. Affordability often depends on your city of origin and destination. If you’re moving from London, you might not find the pricing so high. If you’re moving from a less expensive city in Europe, it could be quite expensive. Brussels is the most expensive city in the country, with monthly rents as high as £1,000 to £3,000 depending on the size of apartment and location. It’s always good to do a bit of research before deciding to move so you know what to expect!

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    We can move you from the UK to almost anywhere in Europe and beyond or back again. Get in touch and we can discuss your requirements in more detail.
    Yes of course, we are experts at packing your belongings so that they stay safe during transit.
    We can confirm this as soon as we know which route we are driving, but we usually take the fastest and most direct route possible.
    We take care of everything that is required to relocate you to your new location including all new Brexit and customs declarations.
    Relocating from or to the UK from Europe is no longer as simple as it was post Brexit. We don't just ensure your belongings arrive quickly and safely, we take care of the paperwork inbetween.
    We can offer a competitive and complete insurance cover for your entire move. Ask us for more details.
    Yes absolutely. We can offer you the complete move, including a pack and unpack service.
    Yes of course. Some European countries restrict commercial vehicles on Sunday's and Bank holidays so this will always be taken into consideration when we are arranging your move dates.
    We have a range of trucks in the fleet to suit almost any move and can use more than one if necessary.
    Depending upon the destination and demand we will always try to move you when you need it, even if it's just with a few days to spare. If you are in a rush then please get in touch.
    Get in touch with us today and we will give you a detailed quote for your move with us.
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